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      The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation provides critical perspectives on topics relevant to Information Systems Evaluation, with an emphasis on the organisational and management implications
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      Journal Issue
      Volume 17 Issue 1, Special issue from ECIME 2013 / Jul 2014  pp1‑121

      Editor: Prof Przemyslaw Lech

      Download PDF (free)

      Editorial for the Special ECIME Edition of EJISE ‑ ECIME2013  pp1‑2

      Prof. Przemys?aw Lech

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      The Adoption of Cloud Computing by Irish SMEs ? an Exploratory Study  pp3‑14

      Dr. Marian Carcary, Dr. Eileen Doherty, Gerard Conway

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      A Case for Non‑Profit Organisations to engage in the use of Shared Computing Services  pp15‑22

      Barbara Crump, Raja Peter

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Building Persuasiveness into Information Systems  pp23‑35

      Marja Harjumaa, Salla Muuraiskangas

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Enterprise System Implementation from the Functional Consultants’ Perspective  pp36‑46

      Przemys?aw Lech

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Identifying Multiple Dimensions of a Business Case: A Systematic Literature Review  pp47‑59

      Kim Maes, Wim Van Grembergen, Steven De Haes

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Enabling Virtual Communities of Practice: A Case‑study of Swedish‑Indian collaboration in IT development  pp60‑70

      Minna Salminen-Karlsson

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