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      The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation provides critical perspectives on topics relevant to Information Systems Evaluation, with an emphasis on the organisational and management implications
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      Journal Issue
      Volume 18 Issue 2, The special issue from ECIME 2014 / Sep 2015  pp93‑210

      Editor: Jan Devos

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      Towards a Theoretical Foundation of IT Governance ? The COBIT 5 case  pp93‑95

      Jan Devos, Kevin Van de Ginste

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Towards a Theoretical Foundation of IT Governance ? The COBIT 5 case  pp96‑104

      Jan Devos, Kevin Van de Ginste

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Benefits, Justification and Implementation Planning of Real‑Time Business Intelligence Systems  pp105‑119

      Kiril Dobrev, Mike Hart

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Organizational Learning and ERP Systems in the post‑implementation phase: Where do we Stand? A Literature Review  pp120‑129

      Gunilla Myreteg

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      Critical Organizational Challenges in Delivering Business Value from IT: In Search of Hybrid IT Value Models  pp130‑146

      Nazareth Nicolian, Christine Welch, Martin Read, Martyn Roberts

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Bridging Operational, Strategic and Project Management Information Systems for Tactical Management Information Provision  pp147‑159

      Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, Geert Poels, Gjorgji Manceski

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Intelligent Models and Systems in Spatial Marketing Research  pp160‑172

      Elena Serova, Mikhail Krichevsky

      Look inside Download PDF (free)

      Antecedents of Green IT Adoption in South African Higher Education Institutions  pp173‑187

      Shaun Thomson, Jean-Paul van Belle

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      Digital Archiving, Green IT and Environment. Deleting Data to Manage Critical Effects of the Data Deluge  pp188‑199

      Geert-Jan van Bussel, Nikki Smit, John van de Pas

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